A month in Champagne

Ah, dear reader, tis the Northern Hemisphere’s Summer holidays and tomorrow early we head to France, to our newly acquired but old and in need of some repairs (not too many I am hoping) farmer’s cottage in Champagne. Tis a much anticipated event in the household du Rat.

The ferry leaves Dover at 8 and we must be there in plenty of time for the dog, who will spend 2 hours in the car without us – could be tricky but as he is very well behaved and calm creature we do not expect him to suffer too much (or damage the car, more importantly). He’ll just snooze his way through it, no doubt.

We are semi-packed, washed and ready for bed, in readiness for the early start. A month of reading, writing, walking, relaxing awaits – not to mention French food and a bit of diet slippage – the downside of it all. There is no expectation on me to do any sort of DIY – that’s for beloved and baby girl, in between country bike rides, while moi and the hound walk the hills, looking for vines and chateaux.

Alas there will be no internet, so my recently re-booted ramblings here will be somewhat reduced. Still, i will search out an internet cafe and see what can be done. After all i look forward to extolling the joys of the summer, or, if the world turns a little sourly, share my more “challenging” moments.

Oh, God, I hope there aren’t too many of them – they can elude me for a while. A nice Summer holiday really is deserved – even for me! Take care out there. xxx


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