In the beginning was Bebo – blog early, blog often and they made a fortune and good on them. Very smart and wise to be in on the adventure from the beginning. I, on the other hand, come to this relatively late, as you may already have gathered and also not very often. So, I propose a new blog style – Blog Occasionally, But Eloquently, following the maxim of quality over quantity. Well, dear reader, one hopes so anyway, not having been here since January.

Nothing to say, you wonder? Too much to do in the real world, you surmise. And on both accounts you would be correct. Full of the wonders of the cyber-world i wrote several entries very quickly when the words and the ideas flowed like bubbly excited mountain streams spawning salmon and waiting bears. But soon after the rot of work set in and the words dried, and no-one was reading, so what was one to do?

In fact all words dried up and only the prosaic necessities for work were possible. Nothing for this part of my world, nothing for my study (now also back on track, mercifully) and nothing at all for anything imaginative or poetic. This is not a nice space to be. Not for someone for whom sleep can be tricky because words fall upon me like falling stars in the blue-black sky and must be written down before lost to the grasping hands of sleep where the words turn to smoke and ashes, and fly away on the night breezes. No, no words like that to bother me, nothing magical and elusive to make solid, to make my stories work. No, just head on pillow and dreams of work and no energy or time, or space for the creative, for the bit that makes you who you are, who you want to be.

But work has eased, the summer is here, I have a brand new, sexy, utterly beautiful and beguiling iMac and it makes me so happy and my fingers and brain have re-joined the rhythmic dance of the keyboard and the muse returns spilling words from finger to keys to page. Ah, a long summer’s eve, bbq’s, light and warmth and words. It is good, it is as it should be.

Blog often, blog extensively, be erudite and entertaining – if only for yourself.

Back soon. Promise. xxx


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