Bon Jour

Alorz mes enfants – I am here and given the foreigness of the keyboard this will be a short post. Having spent my life schooled in the qwerty key-board, I am brouht low by the french layout and making my fingers move to the right keys without looking is putting a large strain on my usual happy relationship with technology. Plus this is not a Mac – so we may very well not blog much from Bourbonne after all!

To the journey. The ferry was lovely, easy to find, travel on, disembark and wend our way onwards and Frenchwards. Only one roundabout twice, a nasty traffic jam out of Metz and lost only for a bit twenty minutes from our destination – which was to be expected.

Things of interest – continental people love their dogs and so as we stopped for loos, drinks and petrol we could put beloved wolf into these tres cute fenced areas for him to stretch and poo. Exceptionally civilised! Also, no-one drives Jags where we were – thus an unusual amount of attention on the road – other than the fact she is a beautiful car.

Our little house is cute, needs work, is unbelievably dusty and over-whelmed by flies. Just like being in the Australian outback all over again. We have bought fly-spray today: enough is enough – they can die. There are English people up the street and all the French so far are exceptionally friendly and helpful. Our surrounds are green and pastoral – cows and crops everywhere. Tis a soothing vista every which way you look – lots of cute villages, like ours, abound.

Time moves very differently here, but many of you who are more seasoned travellers than I will know this. The world shuts down between 12 and 2 – where does everyone go, I wonder? Indeed we have been caught out several times so far – tending to favour the sleeping in mode and chugging out of the house on our adventures around noon.

But we have managed to buy bicycles and food – and oh! the prices of wine here (Champagne region indeed) and the range of cheeses. I am in heaven and in fear of the diet falling utterly apart.

I like this little part of France – pretty, friendly, inexpensive and not too many English or other foreignors around. After all, this is meant to be an escape from the normal life – no telly, no radio, no news from the real world, just time and space to relax and be, and work in the garden, walk the wolf and make plans for the future. It could be worse.


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