Hunting the Purpose

Do all bloggers hope for big things? Are they blogging just to be heard, or for more?

Once more in today’s paper I read about a wife blogging about her husband’s night-time utterances and has a million hits. I’d be happy with just one at the moment. How do people tap into the zeitgeist of the times – do they work for it or just groove along in their own space and the world finds them?

There’s also the tale of the guy Twittering his dad’s pearls of wisdom and having a monster following, oh and a book on its way. Ah, the age of multi-mega-communication. It’s so much more than Facebook and texting. How did we get here? Why aren’t i writing the sensible things that i need to write about to advance my career and my study – ie the structures and meetings for the week and the thesis for the higher degree.

What am i doing plonking around in cyber-space, trying to write witty and pithy posts in the hope of an appreciative audience so i don’t feel so alone.

It’s not happening, dude. I write. I write. No-one reads. How does it really work? No, I have no real idea and not the words to ask the boffins who set these things all up about what to do to make contact.

At the moment I feel like a cross between ET – oh to just phone home (it was so simple to communicate then, even for extra-terrestrials) – and EM Forster – “only connect”. He meant emotionally of course. But isn’t that what those millions and millions of us here in cyber-space tapping away are trying to do – find our own emotional connection with other lone tappers?

Is my problem my lack of spark, lack of originality or anything zippy and profound or amusing to say? Am I not like so many others, a blog, a collection of entries, all somewhat loose and vague, no discernible theme and no real point?

Is that it – do i need more focus? A clear place to be, to go, to gain my followship – is that what I’m missing… Or do i not feel worthy yet – should i have more posts before i go hunting an audience?

And i though this would be so much simpler than traditional publishing – write it and they will come. Not – write it, submit it, cross your fingers, be rejected, try again, be accepted, be published, get some readers; start again.

Dear God of Blogs, what is my purpose? What am i doing here? How do i make it work properly?  Should I have listened to my mother ? Any small piece of directional advice would be appreciated.                                                                                                                                                    Yours JactheRat


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