Like the universe, ever expanding

And there we are – all back where we were – except for Twisted River which i jettisoned some time ago due to the stupid amount of stupid spam comments.

Normal service will be resumed – much silliness still in the world – after all one is back at work and that remains as mad as ever. A significant birthday looms and wisdom still eludes. The days shorten and the darkness grows, rain is ever-present and France well behind us now. It’s sad how quickly the joy of holidays evaporates in the harsh light of the real world of work and bills.

Still, the dog brings joy, the beloved daughter has returned to joy-bringing and we remain – amazingly enough – married, so must be something there. It goes on, it goes on. Life and blogs and the universe; ever expanding into the darkness, into the unknown.

Indeed, is there life out there – anywhere? Please say hello, so we’re not so alone.


2 Responses to “Like the universe, ever expanding”

  1. Suhail Says:


    Hey Jac, you recently commented on one of my posts about blogging at my personal blog. You raise some interesting questions. By no means do I know the exact answer to these inquiries. (Questions like: How you gain a readership when you’re writing is not really defined by any specific niche?)

    I am; however, happy to discuss some of the things that I found have helped me at least gain some kind of average readership.

    Focusing on the content seems to be an important concept. I’ve read some of your blog posts, and while I think you are a talented writer, many of the posts are personal experiences or musings. This is good; however, it is easy to get lost in these experiences. You must find a way to offer readers value from your writing. Some ways to do this through your writing is to…

    – Write about experiences where you lead by example.
    – Suggest new ways of doing things
    – Make productive lists
    – Provide inspiration through outright encouragement

    Also, most of my best readers are my friends and other bloggers. Don’t be afraid to talk about your blog. It’s hard to force people to read your stuff, that’s why you’ve got to sneak it in every now and then and keep mentioning that it’s important to you. If it’s important to you, it’ll be important to your friends.

    I think this is where Social Networking sites such as Facebook come into play. Sharing on Twitter and Facebook promote your site. By no means will it happen over night. However, by consistently making it a habit to post on these sites, someone will eventually notice.

    And lastly, never stop writing. Keep writing stuff that you love to write about and don’t give up on your blog. Keep it alive with fresh, quality content because when readers come, and they will, they’ll want to know if you’re a consistent blogger.

    This is actually a great idea for a blog post, so I’ll address some of these concepts in my next blog post. So I hope you keep reading!

    Lastly, I’m also always on the lookout to improve my blog and increase my readership. Do you have any suggestions for me? (just blogger to blogger) 🙂

    • jactherat Says:

      Thanks for that and your kind words. I guess you’ve confirmed what i was thinking – getting too into myself and that’s not what i really want to do. Part of my problem is that i feel constrained by being a blogger about just one area when i have experience in a range of things. I guess if you’re famous or more erudite than myself, it’s okay as you do have people interested in your personal experiences. I’ll keep popping back to you – for your bits of wisdom too. Thanks, Jac.

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