New year – once more

Did you have sex last night? Always a nice idea to do something you enjoy to see in the new year. I think it signals something positive – pleasurable and life affirming. I admit – once it was an alcohol shrouded experience, now it’s more of a gently passionate moment, affirming love. Nice.

Times past, that New Year’s Eve was my favourite part of the Christmas break. Summer was here, school/uni was over for the holidays, the beach beckoned, the water called. I loved Summer, and New Year seemed eternally warm, a balmy night full of possibilities – encounters with strangers, a bit of magic in the air.

This was my youth – New Years on the docks of Hobart’s water-front. There at the end of the Sydney-Hobart yacht race were millions of dollars of ocean racing thoroughbreds and entirely more relevant – their very sexy and very unattached crew.

Before the authorities woke up to the fact that you could actually do something celebratory at the docks we were wandering them, looking at the boats, cruising the pubs and waterfront taverns – young girls vaguely bored, looking for possibilities.

We found them. Before it became a family deal and before it was a bacchanalian feast, i met Chris and his mate – wandering with my friend and we perhaps foolishly got into their car and went for a drive. They were in town for some sailing championships and were too cool for the stodgy-family event laid on for competing crews on the other side of the river.

They found the docks and we found them. Chris was nice looking – a bit of a blond surf type – as many yachties actually are – he was about my age and we got to talking. He was funny – I made him laugh and the fact that his mate and my friend were only just managing to grunt at each other was irrelevant.

We got into their car and entirely sober took a frantic drive out of town – down the southern express-way and then back up the narrow, snake-like coast road – still at break neck speed. I guess it was a foolish thing to do but we made it to the beach where the next challenge, naturally occurred.

Young men on New Year’s Eve, away from home on a warm night – guess what was on their mind? Chris and i took a stroll along the beach, looking towards the light of the city. My friend and his mate sat in the car and had something of a frosty time. Still, i wasn’t thinking of them – i liked Chris. He didn’t seem dangerous, just cute and a bit of a grope in the sand and a few passionate kisses were within keeping of the night.

He wanted more. I guess he thought that a stray seventeen year old out and about with just her friend was up for it. I wasn’t – not with someone i’d just met, no matter how cute. But we did “go the grope” and he did kiss very well, thank you. He didn’t seem too put out by being knocked back.

He rang a couple of times before the championships ended. But  the messages weren’t passed on in time. I’d like to have seen him again – he was good looking, seemed smart – ambitions to be a doctor or a vet as i recall – was funny and a damn fine kisser.

That was the start of New Years on the docks and every year until i left the state, no matter who i was out and about with, some handsome man, some delectable stranger swept me into his arms and kissed me quite passionately. “Who was that?” my girlfriends would ask. I’d smile warmly, shrugging, “No idea!” But it was always a nice way to spend the New Year.


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