Not as Easy as You might think, but what is?

Here we are, the beginning again

So, as the old year and decade fades away I have taken my first step – very baby sized – into blogging. Of course it’s only taken me until this year to discover the wonders of Facebook too – so, possibly a Luddite.

But i was one of the first amongst my friends and colleagues to have a mobile phone – yes, it was a brick and bought as the XJS was bought for road-side emergencies. But, like the car it accompanied – the phone too often wasn’t working when i needed it to either!

I have been part of the modern world for most of my life and can’t imagine life without my Mac, email or the web – how could i work or write? How could i find info in a second without recourse to a library or some snooty old tart without a life in a beige cardigan who was more keen on Dewey decimal and silence?  (Apologies to the many very pleasant librarians out there) No, i can’t exist without my electronic connections and i do love the way you can connect to all parts of the world and all the episodes of your life. You can be 19 forever, can’t you?

So, for someone who writes and has occasional forays into print media and spasmodic national readership is it not a logical step to share ideas, rambles, etc with a broader audience? Heavens knows – a regular readership of a dozen would be enough methinks – given the profound lack of readership much of my work has had.

Thus, encouraged by the more famous bloggers out there (indeed Belle du Jour does spring emphatically to mind) and lured by the promise of ease to effect this change in my life i took the bait and have spent the last three days (on & off) trying to get into this domain without pain.

No, it has not been easy. Yes, I am finally here but trying to work out the various bits along the way have left me bamboozled and except for the money i’d put up up-front for the domain name i would have given this up. I’m not a base-grade moron – i can read and understand instructions but some of the terminology is beyond my non-geek world. Yet, i know that there are oodles of people out there having a whale of time blogging their little lives away and so determination and money drove me on.

But is anything easy ever worth having? Have I learnt from my experiences – could i do it again? – that’s the test after all. I worry more about being able to get back here to write again. I guess that will be the test of ease and success – a new post.

So, hello world – I am here and I have much to say. A new decade looms, the world is insane, it’s freezing outside – the snow has been and gone, work resumes in a few days and my dreams are full of crocodiles and old school rooms. Stay tuned.



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