Pallas’s Cat

mm, so The Sunday Times reckon Dolphins are the smartest animals according to some trumped up pecking order. Dolphins, Chimps, Elephants, Parrots, Crows, Dogs.

Where is the Cat? Any sort of Cat – the prime hunting species on several continents. No, we don’t rate a mention. No comment on our ability to do our own thing whenever and wherever we want. Don’t even consider the fact that we are not in thrall to humans, have no ambitions to be like one, let alone make “tools” (oh sad and foolish crows). I should remind the elephant that we have been able to recognise ourselves in mirrors for years – we don’t endlessly preen for nothing.

No we are unto ourselves – always have been, always will be. We are the most intelligent species – no need for argument, discussion or proof.  Remember humans look up to us, can’t do without us. We are on walls of ancient tombs, have been Gods and have been worshipped since humans came out of the trees. I think that says it all.


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