Sex and the fat

So, how much sex do fat people actually have? I ask this as one who moves between chubby and obese and have noticed since losing 10 kilos quickly recently that my whole desire thing has ramped up – which i do appreciate, i must say – as does my beloved. It makes you feel alive again and desirable and young. And it helps to keep you on the diet wagon.

So, I wonder, do the obscenely obese have time for anything but food? Does all their energy go in simple movements? In planning meals? Is food their substitute for everything, especially sex? Is their desire only focused on the next morsel to pass their lips?

And I wonder, when i meet the extremely fat, on buses (recently a very-very fat man who took up the aisle all on his own) or in the street – two black women who could only shuffle along the street, sweat pouring off them, when was the last time these people had sex? And how? How can they get their sex bits – their genitalia together with anyone else’s?

Indeed, do they know if they still have genitalia? Do they lose their sexuality amid the abundance of flesh?


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