Un-friend me not

I do not have hundreds of friends on FaceBook – I only have friends whom I actually know. I believe this is something of a rarity and  I do wonder as I look at some people’s friends lists how they can have 375+ friends, especially when some of them are only 19. In fact, what I really wonder, is why would you want to be friends with people who aren’t really your friends, whom you barely know? Why would you want so much shit cluttering up your pages, your wall?

I assume this is an age thing. It probably is, because most of the people who are my age on FB have friends in the logical numbers zone – that is, people that can truly know or care about. Is that not the point?

The other thing that amazes me is the amount of rubbish there. The posts that are incoherent, written in some bizarre form of text-speak that seems to spring from drug addled stoners. No, I don’t get it. Not to mention those who give far too much away about too many things. Indiscretion runs riot there – are some people completely unaware of the concept of audience? Yes, we have read of those who called in sick and announced on FB their long weekend in Bruges. And surprise, were sacked!

But here’s what I have enjoyed – blocking people and un-friending those I no longer have any time for. Soon to be ex-colleagues and old school friends (I use the word loosely) I never want to be in touch with again, who float by on my potential- friends list, and appear in threads to those old friends I don’t mind being in touch with.

I blocked someone for the first time about a month ago. It was an awesome feeling. I un-friended (de-friended?) two colleagues yesterday and it felt mighty fine. Most empowering. These people were friends, good friends in a hostile workplace, and being in touch in cyber-space has been fun, when we were on the same side, so to speak. But times change, relationships shift and move on and I no longer want to be part of their worlds, or worse, read something unpleasant about me, veiled or otherwise – sensitive soul that I am. So, i’ve got in first, removed the thread, removed the threat.

I feel cleansed. Like cutting out some infested sore, or a cancerous growth that if ignored would go on to cause a great deal of suffering. It was clean and simple and instantly effective: a couple of simple commands and they are both gone. Forever, from FB and soon from real life – mm, alas, that won’t be as painless. Swings and roundabouts, eh?


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