Kat Quickly – The Awakening

Last time I posted a review of a book – John Irving’s Last Night in Twisted River – it set off an avalanche of unwanted comments, 90% of which were just spam. So let’s hope this one is different.

This book – The Awakening by Kat Quickly ( and be clear when you look on-line that you specify the author as the title is by no means unique), is written by a close and dear associate of mine, so it is a publicity blast for her, such that this is a minimally read blog. But all publicity helps in this on-line world. This is an on-line book – an e-book, only to be purchased here in cyber-space. Links at end of review. Here’s the blurb from Amazon.

What if you were the one who could do something about Global Warming? Would you believe the ramblings of a strange but handsome older man, and accept your destiny as the immortal daughter of Ursula the Warrior Goddess, protector of the Great Ice, and save the planet? This is Carmen Whyte’s destiny: of which she is oblivious until she meets Victor Bernhard, enigmatic owner of Great Blizzard Publishing Enterprises. Once Victor takes Carmen’s hand she senses a powerful connection that she spends much of the novel resisting. After all she is engaged to Andrew Adams: the most desirable bachelor in New York. Victor must bring Carmen to accept her fate; re-awaken the Half-lings, immortal half men-half bear/wolf, shape shifters like Victor, and restore the Great Ice. Carmen must accept her destiny willingly; expediently. Evil forces are gathering. The most dangerous threat is Andrew’s father, Will, powerful Senator & industrialist. Will’s initial approach is through Andrew. But as Victor’s influence grows, Will’s sense of urgency spurs him to drastic action. Will knows that Carmen can only be disempowered through marrying a mortal and bearing his children. Thus a battle is waged – a battle Carmen is reluctant to join, despite Victor’s warnings. Her true powers of insight and healing are slowly emerging. Finally the truth of Carmen’s birth is revealed, she sees Andrew’s true heart and goes to Victor. In a dangerous final confrontation between good and evil Carmen and Victor defeat Will and Andrew. Andrew is humiliated, now Carmen’s sworn enemy.

Essentially this is a romp of a book – erotic, paranormal romance, with bits of thriller and the environment thrown it. If you’ve had enough of vampires and feel like a new sort of shape-shifter – wolves and polar bears (I kid you not) plus immortal dogs, evil politicians, ex-olympic swimmers all with the future of the planet at stake then this is for you.

It’s a page turner, and even if everyone lives in great places, tend to be handsome and beautiful and dress well, as well as fly their own helicopters, there is also a considered focus on personal internal angst, the search for yourself and the difficulty we have with losing a beloved parent young and being left with the one we don’t really get on with. How do you choose the right man for you? How do you come to trust your own instincts? It’s not just a romance, there is plenty of meat here.

The plot twists and turns and in true romantic tradition our heroine, Carmen, must choose between two alpha males and much of the tension is around her choices, her ability to work things out for herself. There are some wooden moments, a few editorial glitches; perhaps the characters are somewhat stereo-typed, but this is e-publishing and at least this fun book gets a chance to get out there for someone to read and enjoy.

This is a book for a cold rainy day by the fire, soup, crusty bread and a glass of red wine. It will grip you – one of my male mates read it in two sittings: once he’d started he couldn’t put it down. You’ll want Carmen to make the right decision, be cross with her inability to see what is under her quite long nose, and cheer at the end when the odious Will and arrogant Andrew come completely un-stuck. It’d make a great film, lots of shots of the great outdoors, magic moments with shape-shifting wolves and the potential for a very handsome cast. I look forward to the next one.

Check it out here –




Enjoy – tell me what you think. Spread the word!


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