Get writing – 5 writing tasks for this week

Feeling a bit stuck, lots going on in your head but can’t quite get started? Want to write but can’t find the way in? Sometimes some simple, easy things to get us moving are the best. Writing every day is not really that feasible but some fun things to do during the week can oil the creative cogs and lead to greater things.

Here are 5 tasks that can be as long or as short, as pared back or as descriptive as you like. Complete in no particular order. Enjoy.

1. Find a new word and use it as often as possible – in some writing; try it out in conversation. Try out – gossamer, irascible, quintessential, pertinent, glowering. See how you go. Can you use all 5 words in the one paragraph or poem, or very short story?

2. Imagine the world if you were three feet high. How would it look from down there? You could be a toddler, an animal, you on your knees!

3. Be your enemy for a day. Yeh, we’re all good people and the world loves us… But there is someone you dislike, avoid, can’t stand, even hate. If not now, then definitely there was someone in your past. Some boy or girl who broke your heart; some bitch at school who hated you for no reason whatsoever; someone at work now who goes out of their way to make your life a misery; some call centre worker there on the end of the line who is never helpful. Write a day in the life for them – do they even think of you?

4. Write a letter (what are they?) or a message to someone you admire. Make it someone you have never told – perhaps someone from long ago who made a deep and lasting impression: your teacher; someone who was kind to you when you needed it; your first crush; someone famous. You don’t have to send it, of course!

5. Describe your perfect place. Close your eyes and let yourself be there. Inhale and relax, feel the wonder of it. Think about how it smells, how it feels, the textures and colours of the landscape. Is there someone else there, or is this just for you? Is this place real, is it somewhere from your past, from a time when you were utterly happy? Is it a room in your house, or your bed? How do you feel here, why do you feel so good here? Your perfect place can be as real or imaginary as you desire. Perhaps you could sketch it too!



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