Chocolate – 10 of the best

Given this site is meant to be about chocolate as well as assorted other rubbish it’s probably time for a post on chocolate. I do love it. Simple, satisfying pure pleasure. Let me list the ones that are top for me. I’m sure you have your own favourites.

1. Toblerone. The original, not dark chocolate version, not the fruit and nut one – especially not the fruit and nut one – nasty. Oh, how I love the mix of milk chocolate, nuts and nougat – melty and crunchy and sticky in your mouth all at once. I especially love the huge size versions you get for Christmas, no triangle of temptation too big pour moi. This is the Emperor of chocolates, perfect in every way.

2. Ferrero Rocher. More chocolate and nuts – hazelnuts this time, inside and in the chocolate shell. Even when some evil person said it was just Nutella inside, my passion was not diminished. You simply can’t just have one – you do want the packet. I think the 3 packs are about the right size – some sort of bizarre portion control. Ferrero Rocher and Champagne – perfect twin pack presents and fab to eat in bed watching DVDs with someone special.

3. Guylian chocolate seashells. Now these have to be the smoothest, sexiest shape choccy indulgences around. I love these – rich, silky, great with coffee and any time of the day. Very good for stressful moments at work, oh and always perfect as gifts. I suggest Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day especially.

4. Cadbury blocks – hazelnut, fruit and nut (as it should be) and milk chocolate. Not in that particular order. Good honest chocolate for all occasions. Good to cheer you up, great in front of a fire with a full bodied red wine; excellent for camping, long drives, bribing all sorts of people (especially children). The best thing is that Cadbury blocks now come in such a range of sizes – baby bear – just for you; mama bear – you and a friend; papa bear – the whole family, or for you to hide away and have over the week.

5. Caramello Koalas. Not every day, not for everyone, but they are a special treat. Very caramelly, very-very sweet and entirely created to make a mess all over your fingers, face and clothes as you eat. Not to mention making you feel about 5 years old every time you indulge yourself!

6. Polly Waffles – a lighter chocolate treat. Chocolate wafer tube surrounding all that marshmallow. Just the right balance of textures and sweetness. Very easy to eat, but very satisfying too – marshmallow does fill you up.

7. Kit kat – how can you go wrong? An old favourite from everybody’s childhood. The chunky feels excessive, the fingers feel as if you’re not actually eating all that much chocolate. Almost like having a wafer biscuit really and very cunning to come mostly in the 2 finger pack. So, really, this is guilt free chocolate and you have to love that.

8. Wagon Wheels. I can remember when Wagon Wheels were huge and had an excessive amount of marshmallow pushing through the jam. Now you can buy them in different flavours and in packs of 6. Too moorish by half and definitely not the size they once were. Lovely as an evening snack or treat with coffee. And given the heavy biscuit component here, it ranks with the Kit Kat in terms of guilt free chocolate pleasure.

9. Snickers Bars. I’ve always preferred Snickers to Mars, although I have had periods where Mars held sway. I had a Rowing coach once who believed in Mars bars and Coke before an event. He was mad, it’s true, but it seemed to work. But Snickers (I guess it’s the nuts) have a far more satisfying and filling feel to them. Also not quite as sickly as a Mars Bar can be. Lovely at lunch time, lovely in winter, with coffee; all the time really.

10 The Creme Egg. Yes, I have finally discovered the allure of the Cadbury Creme Egg. They are everything the advertising says – silky, rich, smooth and quite addictive. I don’t find them as rich as the trusty Caramello Koala, and therefore can eat far more than is good for me. Not just for Easter, but for life.

Ten is enough. More than enough. But, which ones are your favourites? Special events, special memories? You can’t get through life without chocolate – well, you could try, but why would you want to?


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