What’s It All About?

What is it all about – life, the universe, everything? Why are we here, what are we doing? Is there a higher reason or no reason at all?

I realise if you are a God-botherer then these sorts of questions are almost moot. But even when I was still at one with He-in-the-Sky, I did wonder what it was all about – especially in those darkness filled excruciating teenage years, and ever still, quite regularly, I wonder: what I am doing, why? There are so many of us leading quiet lives of desperation that you have to wonder what is the point of it all – what is it all about. If life is such a precious gift – regardless of your belief in God or Science, being alive at all is one of those outrageous odds against things – then why do so many of us waste it in stupidity, sloth and nothingness?

In the light of last weekend’s deaths (and the on-going slaughters across time and the globe and in books and films – death and waste of life is constantly with us) then shouldn’t those of us who are here and surviving life’s slings and arrows of misfortune and mis-health make more of our lives?

Ask yourself a few things about your own existence:

1. Who would miss you when you’re gone – who will mourn for you and remember you, keep your time on the planet alive through their stories and memories?

2. Do you do anything useful with your life? Do you have a job that makes a difference, wether directly like teaching or health care professionals, etc or indirectly? Does your daily work add to the good of the planet? Do your hobbies and interests add to your life and to others?

3. Do you bring beauty to the world – through being an Artist, through being able to see beauty and celebrate it – are you beautiful – on the inside as much as the outside?

4. Do you love others? Do you exist in a relationship with others that brings them comfort, support, joy and love? Do you have love in your own life? Look after your family and your friends – they are the ones who will remember you when you’re gone and keep your love and laughter alive long after you’re cold.

5. If the Inquistor (from Red Dwarf) came to see you would you be able to keep your spot on the planet, justify why you have life and someone else doesn’t? Look inside yourself: are you who you want to be? Are you having the life you want, one that is worthwhile and meaningful, no matter what you do or where you live or who you are? This is not about money or status but a matter of our own worth and willingness to live well, to make the most of the opportunities that life gives us.

Life is precious, yet too many of us waste it. If you’ve lost someone you love, if you grieve for the waste of life last weekend and across the world, if you have survived something life threatening then do the right thing – live large and bold, embrace all that is there so that this life – your life – is not small or wasted.



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