Sex in the Morning?

It’s time for a probing personal question: do you have a preferred time of the day for sex? Most of us are evening or night-time sensual beings but sometimes the morning can be the right time.

Confession: this morning I had sex, sort of slumberous and languid and quite the nicest way to start the day. What I notice now, several hours later, is how good I feel, how my well being and energy levels are all elevated. I’ve done a load of washing, cleaned up all the detritus from teenage child’s pancake making extravaganza, and done some pre-cooking preparation for dinner. We’re now off the walk the dog and I hope the vibe lasts the rest of the day. Even beloved is busy downstairs, vacuuming and doing some sort of boy’s stuff in the shed.

Years ago I had a boyfriend who was fond of morning trysts. My boyfriend’s girlfriend (in danger of sounding like a Killers’ song here) left for work early and some days he had that extra urge for something carnal to make his day zing by that bit better. I lived down the road from him, didn’t start uni till much later in the day, so he would often call in and we’d indulge in a bit of extreme physical pleasure and he’d go off to work with his wellbeing and temper assured for the day and I’d go back to a most self satisfied extra hour of sleep wrapped in that lovely musky sex smell that settles into your being and makes everything seem possible (or was that being 19 and the rest of the world waiting for me?).

So, I am left thinking that we waste that upsurge in our energy levels by leaving most of our conjugal conquests to the dark hours. Perhaps we’d all be much more efficient and able to cope with the nonsense of the world if we had more sex in the morning. But then a regular and satisfying sex life helps you sleep too and a good night’s sleep is meant to be hugely beneficial as well.

So, early mornings for energy or late nights for a decent sleep?

Perhaps if we all just had more sex more often…?

Do you think that’s what the bankers and politicians lack?


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