Puppy Love

Who do you love most in the entire world? Is that a fair question? No, but I love my dog as much as you can love anything. The joy of furry things is indisputable. A good dog is loyal, devoted, never answers back, is always there and up for a moment of mutual comforting – I pat his tummy, he licks my face.

 Really, I’m a pussy cat

Feeling a bit regal, a bit special on the purple

He’s never cross, never upset, seems to smile – oh yes, he does – and is, as a bonus, being a German Shepherd a good deterrent for strangers. He does bark something fierce, tis a wonderous sound, deep and throaty and thunderously threatening. Why would you opt for a small dog, or even a cat?? (Had them too, okay in their time and place).

Zanz in the pink

Handsome on the waterfront, out with ‘Mum’

looking goofyhandsome

Ready for my close-ups, Mr de Mille.

sticky beaking

Being a sticky-beak – fortunately my neighbour loves me too. I don’t bark at him.

There’s nothing like a big dog, handsome, pure, loyal and true. So much easier than children or husbands – although I have them too. Unlike Bridget Jones, I’ll be quite happy to die alone and be eaten by my Alsatian.


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