Dreams of a Mechanical Man

Something a bit different, dear readers, a poem for you. Published many years ago in Cordite and Red on Red, NT anthology of stories and poetry. Enjoy!

Dreams of a Mechanical Man

And on the seventh day

Deano plays with his own cars

his fleet of BMWs

and the yellow Porsche.

Cars are his passion

his life.

There is no wife

to cause trouble

be jealous

resent the time

the money

the effort

that goes into the business

into exotic machinery

(and their owners).

On his way to sleep

his subconscious briefly


wonders about some clients

Some female clients

Some married female clients.

He idles for a moment

on female bodies

female parts

and considers

that there must be time

should be time

for other pleasures of the flesh.

Thus Deano’s dreams

become a rambling mess

of Jaguar bonnets

and heaving breasts,

naked flesh

and Mercedes upholstery,

pouting lips

and Carrerra Porsches:

throbbing engines

turbo engines

V12 engines

blonde hair

and ice blue eyes


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