The Boy Genius

This week’s poetry offering – The Boy Genius

As the words left his lips –

No – before –

As they formed in his brain

ready to take to the air

sprung fully and loudly, enunciated clearly – no mistaking their shape or intent

The Gods, the Forces

that act against

such arrogance

such hubris


in one so young

Began their work of dismantling

of destruction

of weakening the structure

so that the edifice would fall

so that the man

– ah, the boy! –

would forever regret

his boastful quip

– what he thought to be a throw away line, casually uttered in jest to his parents

from the back seat of the car

taken all too seriously

by powerful entities – their sensitive egos too easily ruffled

only too happy to smite

an arrogant pup

knock him off his excessively ornate pedestal

deny him any pretensions to greatness

and remind him that he was not

– as he so nonchalantly claimed –


a boy genius.


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