8 Moustaches for Movember

Movember is upon us and in honour of those stout hearted blokes who’ll do the right thing with their upper lips here is last year’s post on the wonder of moustaches. Ah, me I do miss the 80s when you could find many a magic tash all over the place, when they were cool and the world was young and not so dreadfully serious. Enjoy, remember, appreciate.

Facial hair has moved in and out of fashion over time. The moustache was king in the 70s and 80s. It was never cool for women and is sadly no longer cool these days. But in honour of Movember here are some of the great moustaches of our times.

Tom Selleck as Magnum – you can’t beat the ever smiling Tom – brilliant eyes and great hair – he is the king of the moustache. (And was responsible for my better half and myself hooking up all those years ago.)

Robert Reford as The Sundance Kid – same sort of combination as Selleck – eyes, hair, smile – only blond. This guy was so handsome.

Mark Spitz – the golden boy of the 1972 Olympics in Munich with his 7 gold medals. There was some talk that the drag on his moustache made him slower. Certainly the tash added to his golden aura – nice smile too.

Kevin Costner – as Wyatt Earp – as handsome with as without a moustache, not an easy feat to achieve.

Kevin Kline – spent some time with cute lip hair in many of his movies. He was a great actor – remember Sophie’s Choice, The Big Chill, A Fish Called Wanda, I Love You to Death. Kline was a huge star there for many years and usually accompanied by his moustache.

Freddie Mercury – another who could work the moustache. But was he better with long hair and clean face or with hair short and cropped with killer tash?

Merv Hughes – an outlandish Ozzie cricketer, as well known for his sporting and drinking skills as he was for his exceptional moustache.

Errol Flynn – one of the best exponents of the thin well groomed moustache. He was the original tear-away, Hollywood bad boy from little old Tasmania.

Other famous wearers – Charlie Chaplin, Lord Kitchener, Salvador Dali, Jimmy Edwards, Hulk Hogan and that nasty man from Germany.

Some personal favourites from my past – Dave McCarthy, oh joy of my university days; Terry Connors, insane NZ boss with thick black moustache; Kieran Cassidy, tall, elegant boss with glossy black moustache.

I thought men were more handsome with a moustache. It gave definition to the face and seemed to belong to men with the best smiles. They tended to be great kissers too. A soft tickling moustache was a wonderful sensation! (Images from Google images)


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