Your True Purpose

We’re several days into the New Year and a couple of weeks off the Chinese year of the Dragon – a highly auspicious year in the oriental calendar. The Chinese Dragon is their royal animal (along with the Phoenix) and a figure of extreme luck. People born in the year of the Dragon are doubly blessed and the rest of us can have a good time in that year too.

Which brings me to the question of your true purpose. We’ve started a new year, made (and by now, broken) resolutions to make us better people. But why not look deeper and consider why we are really here?

Do you have a single important purpose or a more general widely beneficial purpose? Have a little think for a moment while you consider that – go and get a coffee and let that thought swirl around your mind.

I am minded of this idea partly because it is the amazing David Bowie’s birthday today and he is the unbelievable age of 65. Surely here is a man with a single purpose – to take music and performance to places it had never been. Just like Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Lennon and McCartney, Jagger and Richards and of course Freddie Mercury, not to mention Brian May and his red special guitar.

There are many people like this across the world in many spheres – here to do one thing – to explore, write, think, create, challenge, be different: make a difference. Of course Steve Jobs must spring to mind.

So, what about you? Are you here to have a good time, just get on with it and mind your own business and leave as quietly as you came? Or is there something that burns within – that makes you sing, that makes the everyday grind worth it? Do you harbour creative dreams and ambitions? Are you here to paint or write, act or invent, make great cakes, have seven children, visit every continent on earth? Are you doing anything about it?

This is the time to look at your self and ask a few hard questions. Doing no harm has to be a good starting place given the on-going violence and ugliness of the world. But we can do better than that. Finding, or developing, your true purpose is central to your own well-being, to how you live in the world and how you effect those around you.

Stop and think. Look inside you. Are you happy? Are you doing what you want? I know there are harsh economic realities out there, but life isn’t just about paying the bills. It has to have joy in it and you should spend some of your life – if not all – doing things that make you feel good, purposeful, fulfilled.

Make this the year you do that. Search who you are, know yourself and then act. Attend a class in life drawing, take a photography course,  re-train, write every day, stay at home and look after your children; be the best doctor, lawyer, astronaut, teacher you can.

Know who you are, why you are here and what makes you happy – that will enhance everything around you and bring you internal peace and contentment. If we know why we’re here, and we embrace our purpose and work hard to achieve it, we elude the external rubbish in the world – we can ignore the bullying, ignorant boss, the spiralling cost of living, the fools who bring us down, because we know what matters and we focus on that. (photos – dragon & bowie from google images, family = jactherat collection)


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2 Responses to “Your True Purpose”

  1. Emmitt Sandifer Says:

    Hello, I love your blog. Is there something I can do to receive updates like a subscription or something? I’m sorry I’m not familiar with RSS?

    • jactherat Says:

      Hi – I think all you need to do is click on the Sign Me Up! button on the page and that should get you email notification of my latest blogs. I’d love you to follow me! You can also follow on Twitter @jactherat too, where the blog posts automatically feed.

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