Be Still

Amidst the noise and the anger, the haste and the hassle you need to find time to stop and be still. Life rushes past, too often you don’t notice it as you speed from one part to the next, waiting for some things to be over, other things to begin. But that way you miss life, you miss the be-ing of it all. You take too much stress and shit from others. Learn to be still and listen to your heart, to the truth of matters; to what really matters.

Find a quiet place

Stop what you are doing

Sit – or stand

Just Be





Do nothing else

Go the beach, find some water, a calm blue place. Go to a park, the country, a calm green place – find a tree. Find a space in your home, just you and silence, no distractions. Stop. Don’t even think. Be. Just be for as long as you need. It will centre you, calm you.

Being still allows you to breath, relax, smile, give thanks for what you have – ignore what you have not. Being still allows you time to find your purpose again, enables you to concentrate, find solutions to your problems.

Being still means not thinking, not worrying, not allowing stress or anxiety to bother you for five minutes, or even more.

Being still allows serenity a foothold in your life, a place where peace and tranquility can grow. You need that in your life – we all do. Find five minutes a day to Be Still.

Children need to learn to be still. They need to be able to sit and concentrate, not be distracted by the ephemera of the world. You need to teach your child to be, find comfort in silence and stillness so they can think for themselves and do for themselves. Just like you.

Be still and then you can do. Be still and you can reclaim your life for your own purposes, not dance to the tunes of others. (PIx from personal collection)


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