7 Simple Things to Make Your Life Better

Sunday and outside it’s raining down again, but who cares; we can always find things to do that make us feel good and our lives better. Have a squizz over the list – is there something you need to do to make your life better?

Have as much sex as you can, whenever you can. Never say no. Sex makes you happy, makes you feel good and is the glue that keeps your relationship alive. (The more you do it the better you get and the more you want to do it – it’s one of those great increasing spiral things of life.)

Smile as often as you can – the physical act of smiling makes you feel good. Smiling at the world usually means it smiles back. And those who don’t miss out.

Laugh as much as you can – but not stupidly loudly or manically. Enjoy a good joke, laugh at a silly story. Laugh with your friends and family every day – it helps fire your brain and keeps you smarter.

Be with people who make you feel good about yourself and life. Make sure you make them feel good too. Avoid the joy-suckers, surround yourself with positive, can-do people and you’ll feel positive too.

Eat chocolate – it is the best indulgence food of all and it does wonders for the chemicals in your brain that keep you happy. (And champagne and cheese: whatever food it is that rings your bell.)

Listen to music you like – it helps the boring bits of life pass by quickly, it helps you concentrate and you can dance to it if you must; even singalong. Music is ambrosia for the senses, it lifts your spirit and makes you smile and feel wonderful.

Do the things you really want to do. Don’t spend your life putting off the things that matter. Swim the channel, write your book, become a stand up comic, go to Oxford, have a baby. Live your life the way you want. Don’t look back on it with regret. (Polar bear images courtesy Google Images)


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