Weather Wherever – Within/Without

Which season are you? (Which is not the same as which season do you prefer – later) Are you sunny and warm, pleasant and easy going, welcoming like a Spring day? Are you hot stuff, a bit too much, too extreme if there’s too much of you, better in small doses, overwhelming for most, like Summer in January in Australia? Are you mostly warm to cool, sort of tepid and not much fussed about anything much, more muted in your approach to the world, a bit Autumn? Or, are you cold and frosty, but cosy in a fire-side sort of way, better as people warm up to you, finding beauty in the icy coolness of your being, all so Winter?

We tend to have a favourite season, one where you feel you are at your complete best, where you are all that you can be. It is different for each of us and some people simply love the changing seasons, the colours, the moods, the way time slips by us.

Autumn is something of a sad time; the sweet warmth of Summer ebbing away, things dying, falling away, preparing to sleep and go slow. But Autumn is time to breath again after the extremes of Summer, the rains come, the temperature cools and the world seems more at ease with herself.

Winter is darkness, coldness, closed in and shut down, but that can be good too. Days shorten, night reigns, clear and bright on cloudless nights, cloudy and raining on others. There’s nothing nicer than being inside on a cold wet night by the fire. This is where Winter shines – comforts against the storms, watching the rain beat against the window, with you on the inside, safe and warm. Loving the countdown to the shortest day – the Winter Solstice (love that word) – knowing the light and the warmth are on their way back into the world.

Spring is life renewed, buds in the garden, newborns in the animal world, polar bears emerging from hibernation. Spring is the return of colour, of blue skies not grey, of a pale gold sun, of green grass and flowers. There is a perfume in the air and the world smells sweet and alive. You want to be outside again. The sun cheers our souls and we believe in the goodness of the world once more.

Summer is the brightness in us – the colours deepen and strengthen take on jewel hues, the sea is turquoise or jade, the sky ultramarine, the grass is emerald, the sand is topaz, the sun is amber with ruby flecks as it shines and burns with increasing ferocity. We sit outside, have picnics, we traipse to the beach, we swim and paddle, we sweat and complain, we tan and burn. We are so alive in Summer but for some of us it is too much and we yearn for the release that Autumn brings.

In some parts of the world the seasons dwindle to two – the tropics live between two main seasons. But in between there is the Build Up where the humidity climbs and the sky threatens and you nearly go crazy waiting for the rains, for the unending relentless rains and storms of The Wet, where mould attacks your walls and its impossible to dry clothes. The sweetness of The Dry cannot be over-stated – every day the same – blue clear skies, bright yellow sun, azure seas, dragonflies and the perfumes of frangipani and hibiscus on the air. Sweet air, clean air, dry air. Every day you smile, every day you know you live in the best part of the world and can’t remember the strain of the Build Up.

But it’s the weather within that matters. As Crowded House told us back in 1991 ‘Everywhere you go you always take the weather with you.’ So beware the sunny days without if you’re still stormy within. No amount of sunshine will change you, cheer you, if you don’t want to feel its beneficial rays.

Move around the world, live in the rain, live in the sun, find your season but vibrate to the positive in the universe, the vagaries of the weather, don’t become the storm yourself, don’t rain on every parade in town. (Images courtesy Google Images and Private Collection)


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