Mid week poem – Denial

There is Nothing between us.

He shook off her touch, stalked away.

If you say so.

She shrugged, scuttled to her desk.


his space

his disdain

his eyes.

But then – after his final pronouncement, his own cruel words

– when Nothing was gone

he was the one confused, bewildered.

He missed it.

He wanted it back.

That sweet Nothing which used to be between them.

He looked to her

to find her heart again

through her eyes.

He smiled at her and went to speak.

She looked through him.

Beyond him, as if he were a ghost

There was nothing there.



what he had wantonly discarded,

only two short months before,

He wanted back.

He did not know how

He could not speak to her

about that which he had so easily denied.

This was not the Nothing

he had intended. (Images courtesy Google Images)

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2 Responses to “Mid week poem – Denial”

  1. Glennis Wood Says:


  2. jactherat Says:

    Glad you enjoy enough to offer praise. Keep reading!

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