Writing in Response 1: Fabulous Images – Places

Cast your eyes over the collection of images from Google Images below. All are great places to set a story. As you examine the different images/places consider the following in shaping a story –

1. What happens/happened here?

What sort of a place is this – happy kingdom, oppressed peoples?

Is this a modern world, an ancient one, a magical place?

Who is in charge – what are they like?

What is the history of this place?

Is it just beginning, or is it doomed? Why?

2. When does this place exist?

Think about the setting of your picture in terms of time –

Past, future, present

During peace or war, or after

Time of the year – season – is it always the same climate, temperature

Time of the day – morning, night

3. Where does this place exist?

Is it real, can you find it on a map?

Is it entirely imaginary – a place where anything can and does happen?

How can you get to this place – is it only known to a few, is it on another world?

Does it matter where it is? Why?

4. Who lives there?

What is their life like, what do they do, who are their friends, who are their enemies? What are their problems or challenges?

What are their secrets?

What is going to happen to them? Will they be happy or will they die?


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