The Things That We (I) Love

On Easter Sunday when we remember that Christ died for us, if we’re into that sort of thing, while we eat our choccy eggs, it’s timely to think of the things we love. Here are the things that I love, that make my world a richer place.

My family – my patient and kind husband, my clever and wonderful boy, my two lovely and gorgeous girls. These things I love best and most in the whole world and can not imagine life without any of them.

My dog – devoted, loyal, handsome fluff bucket, my Zanzibar, who brings joy through his love, company and devotion. As well as being handsome and well behaved in public, bringing credit and admiration upon us all.

My friends – across the world, across time. Thos I work with now, who I’ve worked with since 1984, people I went to school with, old students, writing friends, best friends, old friends, new friends. I can’t exist without my mates – to laugh with, cry with, get drunk with, take advice from, do wild and stupid things with, grow old with. Thank god for Face-book so we can keep in touch in this ever changing place.

Writing – I write, therefore I am. Writing is essential to who I am. I write everyday. I love imagining, creating, making, publishing. I love blogging – sharing my ideas and different writing genres with an instant and mostly appreciative audience. I’m happiest writing my books – the beginning stage as it unfolds before me, even the angsty drafting stage when the feedback you’ve got says you aren’t as fabulous as you’d like to think you are. So making the story work, crafting is a joy. A struggle too, but mostly a joy.

Books – reading. I love reading, losing myself in another world, someone else’s version of reality. I can’t understand how others won’t or don’t read –how can you live like that? So, reading for information, to know more is important but reading for fun, for pleasure is where it’s at.

Music – I’m listening to iTunes as I type. I listen to music as I write, I listen to CDs in the car and the radio in the kitchen. I lugged my vinyl around Australia for years and brought my CD collection to the UK. I can’t play an instrument but I can’t imagine life without a song or a tune going on in the background. Best song ever – Echo Beach, Martha and the Muffins.

The water – being in it and on it. I miss my house in Tasmania, on its little headland on the river, with its jetty and boatshed. I love the beach, the river, the ocean. I love swimming, sailing and rowing – dinghies and shells. I’ll have to get back to the water soon, I think, it nourishes my spirit.

Mechanical things – my iMac, where would I be without it, central and vital to my existence. My Pfaff 1222E (no longer with us) was a brilliant sewing machine that I made so many amazing clothes and soft things on – must get a new one. My various cars over the years – especially my Jag XJS V12, despite its unreliability, was the best fun to be had on 4 wheels, especially dragging an off duty policeman on the way to work when 8 months pregnant with baby girl – good times, as the boy would say. Other cars have also bought joy, but perhaps that’s another blog?

What are the things you love – animate and inanimate? What are the things that make your world go round, that bring joy to you? We all have them and we need to remember what it is that we love and be grateful to feel love. I’m sure you’re loved too. (Images from Private Collection & Google Images – but my XJS was just like this!)


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