Writing in Response 2: Fabulous Images – People

Have a close look at the following images, of people alone and with others. Examine the pictures, is there a story here about one of these people?

Use the following prompts to dig into the pictures

1. Who are they?

How old are they?

Where are they from/where are they going to?

Who is their family – are they still alive and well?

Do they have friends, or are they lonely?

What might their occupation be?

Do they have magical or special powers? What?

Are they well known to others?

Are they loved or despised how do others feel about them – why?

Are they healthy or ill in some way – will it kill them?

How are they feeling, is this temporary or how they normally are?

What 6 key words describe their character?

What 6 key words describe their life?


2. Why are they here/ in this situation?

What is the situation?

Is this the beginning of something or the end?

What has happened to get them to this place?

What must they do to continue their story or journey?

Who else is involved?

Do they regret what they have done or are they proud of their actions?

Do you envy them or pity them?


3. What is going to happen to them?

Do they know what will happen next?

Do they have enemies – who/why?

Will they return to their normal life?

Will their life change forever?

Is love involved?

Will their life be over soon – how/why?

Are you worried for them or pleased for them?


(Images courtesy Google Images)


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