Mid Week Poem – No Regrets

So my son

My beloved only boy

Take it all  – Carp diem

Be exactly who you want

Be the Bat

The last Doctor

Be John Nash, Steven Hawking, Einstein

And Newton.

Get thee to Oxford

Expand your beautiful mind

Win a Nobel for Physics

Fight a duel in James Bond – as 007, then

Stand tall and gracious on the Olympic podium, epée in hand.

Eschew the rat race

Deny normal

Ignore mediocrity.

But in all of it, through all of it

Be Happy

Find Love

Live your life as Large as you can

Take risks

Be foolish

Take no prisoners.

And if it all fails

If it all comes to nothing one pale grey afternoon in your forties

Then take comfort

In knowing you were truly loved

That you had a big go

That if you had never tried

You would never have known anything worth knowing

Never have won, even if you finally lost

And been forever haunted

By failure and disappointment.

Because, my beloved boy, it is far far worse to have lived

A small life being safe

Than to have reached for the brightest star

In the most distant galaxy

Only to feel it implode under your far-too-ambitious touch

(Images courtesy Google Images)


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