12 Songs that Tell You You’re an Aussie – for Anzac day 25 April + Redgum – Only 19 for all returned servicemen

These are the songs that, no matter where you are in the world, if you were a child of the 70s or 80s in Oz, will send you straight back there in an instance. You’ll be singing and bopping along and some of them will make you cry. It’s being homesick for Oz and your youth and it’s okay. So, in respect for Anzac Day and homesick Australians, these are just for you…

My Island Home, Warumpi Band – the original and the best – God bless, Neil & George

Great South Land, Icehouse – so atmospheric, fab

Sounds of Then, Gangajang – this is the tropics at its best, feel the storm coming

Treaty, Yothu Yindi – every version is great – you choose!

Down Under, Men at Work – perhaps the definitive Oz OS song – sing it loud, be proud, remember we won the Auld MUg after 132 years to this song

Way Out West, James Blundell & James Reyne – always loved James R – absolutely LOVE this song

I Still Call Australia Home, Peter Allen – classic, you have to sing and feel the distance

Khe Sanh, Cold Chisel (one for Vets too) – this is probably the best Chisel song, but there are so many

The One Thing, INXS – when MH was so very young and they were so very good

Beds are Burning, Midnight Oil – hard to pick the definitive Oils, but this brilliant!

It’s A Long Way to the Top – if you want to rock n roll, AC-DC – the definitive AC-DC for some of us, who always knew it as – it’s a long way to the shop if you want a chicko roll – this is the original clip too

Love is in the Air, JPY – schmalzy, sooky but just so singable – I defy you to stay in your seat

I Was Only 19, Redgum – a bit sombre but Anzac Day is a sombre occasion – reminds you of the inanity of war – always and forever, no matter if it was WW1, Vietnam or Afghanistan


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3 Responses to “12 Songs that Tell You You’re an Aussie – for Anzac day 25 April + Redgum – Only 19 for all returned servicemen”

  1. John S Says:

    Not listened myself yet, but looks like a great selection and I’ve put on my Twitter so a few Aussie friends in London and Dublin can see it and listen!

  2. John S Says:

    Gave your selection a listen. AC/Dc, Midnight Oil, Men at Work, INXS and John Paul Young all familiar. Men At Work was a big hit in the UK. Midnight Oil less so, but I really did like this one and bought the album at teh time. Of the unfamiliar ones I can feel the power of the Warumpi Band and Redgum – real national issues – and enjoyed the 80s pop sensibility of Icehouse, which sounded strangely familiar!

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