Lemon Jelly Cheese-cake

As opposed to the last extravagant, indulgent cheesecake recipe this one is almost diet-worthy! No, not really, it’s lovely and rich but with a zingy lemon flavour to ease over the smoothy rich cream-cheese effect. You’ll love this one too – it’s much easier and simpler to make. Recommended for dinner parties and extravagant lunches – families and friends.

My mum used to make this back in the day and my kids love this too. A general all round pleaser – perhaps not suited to kiddies’ parties but excellent for adult parties.


The Ingredients

2 packets of plain biscuits – a mix of shortbread and tea biscuits adds a bit of flavour to the crumb case

150 grams of melted butter for the case

2x 250g packets of cream cheese

1 tin of condensed milk

2-3 juicy lemons

lemon jelly + 150 mils of boiling water

The base

Blend or process biscuits until like fine breadcrumbs. Add butter and process until just combined – more butter is better than less, as is more mixture. Press mixture evenly over base and side of 20cm spring-form tin. Refrigerate for at least 30 mins



1. Make up Jelly with hot water. Grate rind of 2-3 lemons and add to jelly. Squeeze juice of the lemons and combine with jelly & rind – remove any escaped pips. Rind is cool, pips are not. Allow to cool a bit

2. Beat cream cheese until soft (leave cheese out of fridge for a while so its soft and easier to beat).

3. Whip chilled condensed milk until thicker – leave tin in fridge overnight for best chill effect

4. Pour condensed milk into cream cheese, mixing slowly as you combine. Add in the jelly mix – now cooler – and continue to beat gently until mixtures are all combined and a soft lemon colour – should taste sweet and tangy.

Chill for several hours – over night is best.

Serve – absolutely brill anytime of the day or night. Lovely with coffee or champagne – great mid-night snack. Enjoy.

(Pictures from personal collection)


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