Summer – mid week poem


Is a beach


The sand

The silk between your toes

The sun hot on your skin, browning

The early waves breaking gently on the shore

The waves crashing in from the ocean

The Northerly too soft for a feather

The sea breeze just right for my burning skin


The water divine

Deep blue, endless, fathoms below

Warm bubbles, cool thrills

Floating, ducking, shrieking

Wet wet wet



Is young love


First love at the beach

Lost trinkets

Casually thrown to the jaws of the sand

Hands held walking home

A kiss

As the golden sun falls beneath a silver moon



Was when I loved you most

When I thought I would love you forever

(Images courtesy Google Images)


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2 Responses to “Summer – mid week poem”

  1. sujana6 Says:

    I like the photos you used! Makes me embrace summer even more

    • jactherat Says:

      thanks – but all from Google Images. I like pictures for the poems – i think it helps take you ‘there’ that little bit better. Cheers Jx

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