Corn Fritters – for any and all celebration meals – Jubilee on

If there is one recipe that my family adores it’s this one. Absolutely de rigueur for any celebration or event at our house, corn fritters rule our waves. So in respect of the weekend celebrations for the old Queen (for any queen really) try this – easy, relatively quick and sure to please.



1 cup plain flour

2-3 eggs

½ cup of cream

½ cup milk

1 large tin of sweet corn kernels – drained

½ cup chopped spring onions – 2/3 bunch – more or less depending on your taste

½ cup grated cheddar cheese – vary the amount and the strength to suit taste – be wary of too much cheese, it can overwhelm the mix and stick during cooking

oil for cooking – I use sunflower



1. Sift flour into large bowl

In separate container (measuring jug is good here) mix together milk, cream and eggs so mix is runny and combined

Add mix to flour – beat in until smooth – consistency for pancakes, removing all flour lumps

Mix in spring onions, corn and cheese

Mix should be smooth and fluid, but not too runny otherwise it won’t form easy fritters in the pan – add a touch more flour if too runny, but only a bit at a time or mixture will end up too rubbery


2. Heat omelette pan, skillet, or similar, add 1-2 desert spoons of oil

Add mixture to pan – dropping desert spoon size dollops for each fritter

When uncooked side is bubbling slightly turn over, press slightly and cook until golden brown

You may need to re-sprinkle some oil during cooking – make sure pan heat remains constant or mix will burn

3. Drain on kitchen paper

Eat soon after cooking for maximum taste and enjoyment

Makes 30-40 depending on size of fritter


4. Serve as part of main meal or as pre-dinner appetiser

Honestly, your family will love these! (Images from private collection)


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