15 Ways to You Know You’re Old

Musings from the bath – thoughts about ageing 

1. You like to listen to the chatter on the radio now as well as the music

2. You listen to BBC2 not Absolut Radio

3. You’d rather watch DVDs and Box sets in bed than go to the movies

4. You find it hard to believe that Led Zeppelin were ever seen as heavy or that there was much of a difference in volume and aggression between Zep and the Clash


5. All the men you adore are in their 60s – Richard Gere, David Bowie, Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, Brian May, Sting (even Kevin Costner is nearly there! and Robert Redford is in his 70s!!)


6. You’re aware that when you talk about the old days you mean when you were young

7. You remember thinking 16 was old and cool and being spooked by 30

8. You find it hard to believe that you’re older than your mother ever got to be

9. Your natural hair colour is now so grey it’s white so you don’t need to bleach underneath the pink highlights for contrast any more


10. You boggle at how ignorant the young are, while remembering the intelligence of your own youth

11. You still love to read real books more than e-books, even though you write them


12. Gravity has declared war against you

13. Almost every day something in the mirror changes, and not for the best

14. You can’t remember the last time a strange man gazed upon you with appreciation or whistled approvingly

15. Your once slender, beautiful feet now ache most of the time; are impossible to stand on for long, let alone wear anything above 2 inches – yes, your feet look like your Gran’s


You know though, that you have love and you are loved and are no longer worried about approval from others or needing reassurance every five minutes.

You are not frightened to speak your mind.

You know who you are and you quite like what you’ve become and where you’re still going

You have an abundance of joy in your life and you are happy

(Images courtesy Google Images and Private Collection)


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One Response to “15 Ways to You Know You’re Old”

  1. marylholden Says:

    Found your blog by Googling (urk, a verb) “Shakespeare” with a long string of pearl-words behind that great name. Such fortune! Such age…and truth and good and beauty!

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