Writing in Response 5: Visuals from the world of film and rock n roll

So the mantra is: you must read in order to write.

But I would urge you to watch and listen as well – take in the stimulus from around you, from around this rich and diverse world of ours.

Indulge in the following inspirations from the comfort of your home. Let your mind go and it will return to you more creative and stimulated than ever. Who knows what you’ll write in the wake of the following suggestions?


Watch and listen – Rock clips

Grace Jones – Slave to the Rhythm

Kim Carnes – Bette Davis Eyes

Don Henley – Sons of Summer

Robert Plant – Big Log

Kate Bush – all

Police – Wrapped Around Your Finger

Chris Rea – On the Beach

Tears for Fears – Everybody wants to rule the world

George Michael – all the clips without him in them

Duran Duran – Rio – any clip for any song from the album

Talking Heads – Once in a Lifetime

Billy Idol – White Wedding

Guns n’ Roses – November Rain

Queen – Radio Gaga, I Want to Break Free, Bohemian Rhapsody



Watch as many of these films as you can – at least once if not more to really get the fun, the nuances and the point!



Spirited Away

Howl’s Moving Castle

Donnie Darko

Rocky Horror Picture Show

Adventures of Baron Munchausen

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus






David Lynch movies

Quentin Tarantino movies

Tim Burton movies

Terry Gilliam movies

Black and white movies

Different genre movies to what you would normally watch, eg Sci Fi, Animae, Family, etc



European and World movies that offer the world differently – in different colours, different sensibilities, different topics and approaches – different ways of ‘seeing’ and ‘being’: an alternative humanity to that offered by Hollywood films.



Herein you will find more open ended stories, no answers or neatly tied boxes, more questions than answers, more for you to consider and take with you.

Reach out, embrace the visual richness of our created world, let others imaginations fire your imagination! (Images courtesy Google Images)


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