Life’s Too Short

The sad truth is that we take what we have for granted too often. It is only when something happens to shake us up that we do stop to smell the roses, to breath the air at the beach and be thankful for all we have. In the wake of death, any death – expected, sudden, young or old – we know life is too short.

So, in recognition of that, consider some, or all of the following –

Forgive those who have hurt you. Mostly they are foolish people who lost their own sense and decency for a while. Face up to them, to your bitterness and pain, and forgive them. But only if you genuinely want to.  Forgiveness frees you, allowing you to let go of the pain from that relationship, look forward and move on, so forgive.


Do the things you really want to do. I’ve blogged about this a great deal in the past, but it’s worth repeating – go dancing, sing loudly, take lessons even, take up pottery, poetry; write your book; take that trip; throw snowballs, swim the Channel. Live a life worth living, not just going through the motions.

 (At the Louvre)


Do something for yourself: at least once in a while it’s okay to be selfish. Treat yourself to your heart’s desire – a bottle of Moet, a day at a Spa, a special dinner with your beloved. Cherish yourself as well as others.


Love your family and your friends. They are the things that matter (and your pets too), they are the core of your life, the things that love and care about you – just as you are, who care for you, are always there for you. So you do the same for them. Relationships are the glue of the universe, so cherish yours.

(My Best Work)


Live your life – don’t just let it meander by. We are here for a very short time and we have a duty to live it well. Don’t squander it in too many foolish or negative things. But that doesn’t mean don’t take risks, or eschew fun. Have a life that is rich and varied, the best life you can – including mistakes and idiocy, it’s how we know we’re alive!

Make sure that when you get to the end you can look back and be happy that you had a go, you did some good things, you made a difference. And know that you were loved and have loved. (Images courtesy Google Images & Private Collection)



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