For Grace – who would have been 18 today

You never swam in the pool, cavorting like a baby seal

splashing and shrieking with the other three


You never danced in the rain,

throwing off your clothes as the water bucketed down

Great dollops of wet warmth from a Tropical Summer Storm.


You never woke in the night, crying for me

needing me to sooth and calm you,

rock you back to sleep


You never snuggled in close, listening to a story

trying to read along –

desperate to know the words


You never laughed at a silly Disney movie

dissolving into tears at all the nonsense.


You never smiled at me in that way of a child

to break a mother’s heart


But you broke it – just the same.

(Images courtesy Google Images)


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2 Responses to “For Grace – who would have been 18 today”

  1. Catherine Young-southward Says:

    If only I had your wonderful way with words, I could have writtten this for my Thomas, who would now be 23. Thank you.

    • jactherat Says:

      Thank you – tis hard to find the words to express the loss of a child. We never-ever forget them, do we? Travel well,hold him safe in your heart, always, as I do with my Grace.

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