Don’t Eat the Bees – eat chocolate instead

I am home alone for the first time in many a long year. It will be thrilling and daunting – so many years living with others, I’m not sure how well I’ll function as a solo unit. I have made my plans – some cleaning, some socialising, more reading – for the ever present PhD and some writing – because I am, I write.

I have also allowed for some indulgences. I will allow myself a little wine again, a small bubbly treat, perhaps once a week.


I will consider chocolate. I must consider chocolate because, unlike  Manny left alone by Bernard, locked in the shop with only a bottle of Absinthe, I will not eat the bees.


Let us consider chocolate as the solo girl’s friend, as comfort and support in her lonely evenings.

I could have one Ferrero Rocher a day.


I could have a strawberry Freddo Frog on the home-going train


I could have strawberries dipped in chocolate on Sunday afternoon.



I could eat a whole Toblerone in a weekend


I could eat a box of Guylian Shells on a Friday night with my Moet.


But, dear reader, I will not. In the absence of my beloved I will not fall off the diet wagon and indulge my chocoholic fantasies. I will consider the bees. But most likely ignore them too. (Images courtesy Google Images)


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