Mid Week Poem – still in the death zone but with chocolate

After she died

After the tears and laments – the abiding sadness

of a life cut short

We had to clean up

Tidy through her things

Clean out her life

Sort through who and what she was

Making judgments as we tossed and kept

A few mementoes – little reminders for each of us

Before we consigned her life to the pyre


As we searched and gathered

Bagged and binned

Kept and threw

We found her stash – her cache

of favourite things.

Tiny delicate packages in small secret places

that only she knew

Hidden from us, the ravaging hordes – especially the boy


In her bar fridge – of course

In the bedside cabinet – well we knew that one

and the Javanese pyramid with its myriad drawers

Her sewing chest, amidst her materials and bits and bobs

In her Chinese lacquer jewellery box

Little packages of chocolate, some open, half eaten, rewrapped

mostly forgotten: hidden too well


We know she’s laughing, smiling wryly

Chuckling now, as we find her treasures

Her collection of Cadbury, Toblerone and Ferrero Rocher –


Too much for her in those dying days – forgotten jewels

Left for those, who loved her best

Desperately wishing she was still here to share her secret stash

with us all. (Images courtesy Google Images)


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