Camembert Chicken for Cheats

This is based on an old recipe from a Women’s Weekly Dinner Party Cookbook. They use whole chickens and do complicated things with re-cooking and skin. This is the pared back version. Simple, easy and very delicious. Use as the main for a special meal or as a centre-piece for a larger spread.



600-800 grams of skinless chicken breasts

250 grams of Camembert

1-2 cloves of garlic

150-250 grams of slivered almonds (depends on desired level of crunchiness)

Soft white bread to make into crumbs – I use soft rolls – fresh is best

60 grams Butter  – approx, use more if needed


Tear rolls into crumbs, make sure almonds are crushed down to crumbs too. Add butter to pan and toss bread and almonds until nicely toasted. You may need more butter to ensure even toasting and no burning of the bread

Cut garlic into tiny slivers or use garlic press

Cut chicken into strips – not too thin or they will cook too quickly and be tough

Cut Camembert into cubes or slices, as you prefer



Using a glass or ceramic baking dish arrange the chicken across the dish, making sure there are no gaps between pieces

Sprinkle garlic across chicken – you may want to press it firmly into the chicken

Arrange Camembert across the top of chicken and garlic

Cover Camembert with toasted almond and bread crumb mixture – press down lightly



In pre-heated moderate over (200c) for 35-40 minutes. Keep your eye on the baking as you don’t want the crumb mixture to burn – ruins the taste of the whole thing! Note: the garlic taste can be very strong.

Serve with salad and new potatoes, or beans, carrots and baked potatoes. Tis a lovely meal no matter what time of the year. (Images from Private Collection)


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