The ideal holiday – 40 Days and 40 Nights

I will be away from the world of work and electronica for 40 days and 40 nights. Indeed I am hopeful that the link to Noah is not portentous, as I’ve really had enough of the rain this English ‘summer’.

Yes, dear reader, it’s time for the long summer holiday, the time of the year when everyone wishes they were still as school, or uni, or a teacher!

40 days is a goodly amount of time. It was the time of flood in the bible that wiped out sin and unicorns, not to mention dragons, and other evil stuff.

40 days is the time of Lent, when Moses went up Mount Sinai and hung out with God without eating or drinking any food. And most people think they suffer by giving up chocolate.

40 Days and 40 Nights is also a 2002 movie about Josh Hartnett giving up sex after a nasty break up with his girlfriend – apparently he fails dismally and has loads of sex, but fails to get over the aforementioned g-friend. Don’t worry about this.

My 40 days will be a mix of abstinence and indulgence, as really, the ideal holiday should be.


I shall abstain from

Anything to do with work – no emails, no reading, no preparation, no evil thoughts sneaking in to waylay me

Public Transport  (once I get to France) – not one bus, or train or tube, just my own Jag and lots of walking

Anything to do with the Olympics – being not there will be a huge relief, especially as my world of public transport, ie London Bridge, will be severely disrupted

Electronic communications – we are without internet and the wonderful web of world-widedness so I will not be emailing, surfing, tweeting or blogging. So dear, reader you will have to make the most of this last post until September. Re-read some of my older stuff, it’s pretty enjoyable too.


I shall indulge in

Sleeping – especially sleeping in and afternoon naps and other assorted bed-time activities having been apart from beloved for 33 days

Wine and cheese – well I am in France and the cheese is wonderfully runny, pungent and economical. The wine is abundant, cheap and as I’m in Champagne how can I not support the local endeavours?

Walks in the gorgeous countryside and trips to the local lake for picnics and a spot of fishing

Reading – loads of study stuff plus the odd recreational read

Writing – of course, it’s me isn’t it – what else would I really indulge in? I shall write 2 chapters for my exegesis and play a bit with my crime story

Playing games with beloved and baby girl – lots of Scrabble and Trinomimos, a bit of Articulate, but no Monopoly whatsoever, ever-ever!

Trips into the town nearest our village – little shopping sorties, bread from the boulangerie, coffee at the café, dinner at our favourite restaurant.

Doing nothing – in the sun, in the countryside, sitting, just being – chatting aimlessly for hours, feeling no need to do a thing!

Have a lovely break if you are off and away. Being away from your normal life is a wondrous way to recharge and revive your life. Don’t feel compelled to do anything other than what you (and your family and friends – no need to be completely selfish) want to do.

So, tis to the Eurostar, bright and early and away. Travel well, my friends, I’ll be in touch in a while. (Images courtesy Google Images & Private Collection)


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