Re-finding the Joy Zone

Remember to breath – in, out, slowly, inhaling deeply, filling your lungs with air, making you stand tall again, filling you with renewed energy


Remember what makes you smile – the small things, a song, a blue sky, the train being on time, someone giving up their seat for you, your pet, a rose, a wonderful painting



Remember the things you love to do – draw, paint, write, cook – remember, making things brings joy to you and to others



Remember to be with the ones you love – walk the dog, share a meal, watch a film, have a laugh



Remember the good in your life – that you are loved, your work is meaningful, you make others smile



Remember to be still – not rushing, doing, stressing about every little thing; let anxiety go.



Stop, just be – smile, open your heart to the sunshine and joy will be yours again.


(Images courtesy Google Images)


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