6 Reasons Why Chocolate is Always the Right Thing

Do we really need reminding why chocolate is one of the best things in the world? Really, you do? Alright then, six reasons to be going on with…

1.It’s good for you – yes it is, something in it is good for the brain, the darker the better when you suffer from darkness (depression) yourself

choc heart waterfall

2.It’s convenient – to buy as its sold in all its variations absolutely everywhere

dairy milk

3.It’s convenient  – to eat, on the train, in the car, in bed, after dinner, even (although I do baulk at this myself) for breakfast

loose chox

4.It can be shared – break off a piece of dairy milk, a chunk of Toblerone, pass your birthday box of chocs around – everyone will love you even more


5.You can have as much or as little as you like and these days of 5:2 dieting it can count as diet food as well (why not??)

chox & roses

6.It makes you happy – just the smell, the crinkle of the wrapper; the knowledge that there’s a bit of chocolate in your drawer at work, in a secret place at home – not to mention the taste, the joy of that smooth silky stuff on your tongue.

i love you chox

Yes, chocolate is joy in one of its simplest forms, so indulge – life is too short to live a moment longer in a chocolate free zone. (Images courtesy Google Images)


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