6 Ways to Feel Better When the World Turns Against You – once more!!

When things fall apart, as they inevitably do, you have essentially two choices, fall apart with those ‘things’ or find a way to get up again. Today is about ways to help you get up again – six (possibly the number of the beast) easy things that will make you feel better.

1.Find a soothing space and just be there – a beach is good, a bed is nice, so is a park. Be in the space and do nothing else, just enjoy it.

short beach


2.Turn to the stars, or the Tarot; the Runes or I Ching. Go the full fortune telling hog. There’s always something bright just around the corner in the mystical world – it can be enough to hang onto while you wait for the world to complete its turn of nastiness.

stars & moon


3.Plan – but do not execute – the vilest demise for your enemy. Luxuriate in evil plans of suffering, their pain exquisite to you. Imagine, enjoy – sometimes it is enough to just think it. A bit of ill-wishing doesn’t go astray.

defeat the enemy


4.Feel sorry for yourself – hide away from it all, hunker down in a safe space and let the misery and self pity engulf you. Then get over yourself – do not drown in the unfairness or injustice of it all. Get up and get on with your life.

sad Pbear


5.Don’t blame yourself – unless it is your fault!! Sometimes it isn’t about you, it’s just an unfortunate set of circumstances. Sometimes it is about them. Seek to know the difference.

elephant & rowers


6.Make plans for a new future, a future that better suits you. Sometimes the turn for the worst can become a turn for the better. We don’t always see things correctly at the time, the distance is not enough. Consider why things have gone pear shaped this time: can you make sure it doesn’t happen again?


And remember, you are a good person: you are loved, you will be missed from this planet when you pass. From time to time bad things happen to good people, and sadly much worse happens to others and may happen to you again. It doesn’t mean the end of the world. (Images courtesy Google Images)


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