6 Things to Give Up (as a sensible adult)

I’ve long since given up giving things up for New Year or for Lent, which is now upon the believers amongst us. But, as I contemplate life now, methinks it is timely to give up some parts of life and move on…

So, this is my list

1. Cheeseballs and such like evil snacks. There is nothing redeeming about these abominations – there is no cheese, only starch and salt and fattening addictive substances. Just like Twisties from the homeland (missing them too, friends who will be here in Sumer…) they are evil and belong to times gone past. No adult should snack on Cheeseballs or Twisties.



2. Blogging and Tweeting – simple time wasters that take away from the real writing – just bits of ephemera and nonsense that don’t really add anything to the world. So I should stop and concentrate on being a better ‘real’ writer. (And finish my bloody PhD!!)



3. Working where I’m not wanted. I’ve done this before and should know better by now. It’s no good working where your face doesn’t fit – even if it once did. You don’t have the power to influence matters; you’re not what management wants, so move on. But find a place that fits you!! This time I’m going to take the time and find something that suits me. Like Paddington Bear, who was Not Wanted on Voyage but went onto find a loving place to be, I will too.



4. Hoping for a slimmer me without actually paying consistent closer attention to what is going into my mouth. I need to be thinner, if only for my health and self esteem. But to think I am going to ever fit into my wedding dress again is pure nonsense!

wedding me


5. Worrying about what others think about me. At my age and with my hair colour you would think I was past this bit of nonsense. But I still want people to think well of me. And, this is the stupid thing, those people I do NOT think well of. It’s silly. I need to worry about what the people I care about think of me, not troublesome others.

Polar B-think


6. Fantasies about life that are too far fetched. It’s no good dreaming your life away planning a life that can never be. It’s time to bring the fantasies to earth, to find a future that is within reach, to make plans that will bear fruit. It’s time to stop thinking I can be Fay Weldon or John Irving, or buying a brand new Jag XK. It’s time to plan a happy future in the not too distant future!


So, dear friends and followers, what should you be giving up? What needs to be excised from your existence to make it better for you? (Images courtesy Google Images & Private Collection)



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4 Responses to “6 Things to Give Up (as a sensible adult)”

  1. Sherry Says:

    Dear Jackie,

    How are you? I love reading your digest – it is full of food for thought and many other references for living a more balanced, well-rounded life.
    What are you doing now? Are you still at Globe?
    I am SO much happier being away from ARK. Schools are nor corporations – and should not be run as if they are. Schools are about children – and giving them tools so they can aspire to a better future.

    • jactherat Says:

      Good to hear from you – glad you like my musings. Globe & I about to part company – new Head and restructuring underway… we’ll see what happens. Utterly endorse your comments about education and corporations. I hate to think what education is going to look like in this country in a few years!

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