How to Eat a Cream Egg

Handy hints to get you into one of Cadbury’s pure gems of chocolate  indulgence

Whilst one of the shining stars on the modern day chocolate firmament, Cream Eggs can be quite tricky, not to say, messy to eat. So, a couple of tips to ensure enjoyment and mess do not conjoin and mar the experience of bliss.

creme egg large

1. Unwrap the top part of your wrapper, ensuring there is plenty of shiny foil left on the egg for you to hold. This avoids too much melting too soon.

I advise a little licking of the chocolate top to soften and whet the appetite. This softening will allow your teeth and mouth a less resistant path to the creamy gooiness within.

creme egg topped

2. Apply your teeth now, take some chocolate into your mouth and savour. Then dip your tongue into the opening in the chocolate, just as you would dip your finger of toast into your runny boiled egg for breakfast. Linger here as long as you want, ensuring the foil and holding fingers do not meet.

creme egg open

3. Now you will need to fold down or tear down (as the foil wrapper and chocolate egg will be pretty much fused by now) the wrapper to repeat the process.

4. At this stage you may wish to rest a while as the richness of the egg can be most overwhelming. Remember there is a fine line between indulgence and excess – a line very easily missed with Cream Eggs.

cremme eggs

5. After two stages of peeling and eating you should be at the base of the egg. This is where you need skill and you need to ensure you are ready for the final assault. For now, you remove the wrapper altogether and in one deft movement pop the remaining chocolate gooey mess into your mouth. This is the height of the experience, so a rest along the way is best, so that you can fully savour the soft melty sweet and divine mix of chocolate and gooey interior. This taste will explode in your mouth, almost too sweet, too chocolatey, but utterly divine. A Cream Egg is food for the Gods.

creme eggs

6. Now lick your fingers, wipe your mouth and have a strong cup of coffee, or a glass of champagne and leave it a few hours before you have your next egg.

pink champers

Above all – enjoy your eggs, creme or otherwise, your family and your Easter of indulgence and fun. (Images courtesy Google Images)



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