It’s The Little Things I Hate – That Will Send Me Mad

The love has gone, joy is hard to find but in the midst of the longest, coldest winter of my life (is it climate change or have we slipped through the wardrobe to Narnia?) I seem to be stumbling upon all the little things I hate and they are about to send me quite-quite mad.



So, a list, not in any order and not exhaustive by any means…

No wine in the house

No chocolate in the house

wine and choc

The internet being down

Finding the fridge or cupboard bare of what you were expecting to be there – who ate my treats???

Having to change the loo rolls EVERY time

Being at the end of the platform when the train suddenly goes from 10 carriages to 6

Leaving work early to find London Bridge in the middle of (yet another) meltdown – so no early home-time after all

london bridgr

Losing all your bookmarks when the hard-drive is re-booted

Spilling my dinner on my clean top (again – becoming a real mucky duck)

Random rudeness from strangers

The constant nastiness in the media about teachers

mr rude

The sudden disappearance of an old obscure favourite song from Youtube

DJ’s talking over your favourite song – especially cutting the ending short

The random rearrangement of supermarket shelves – why Tesco, why?

tesco shelves

The indecent amount some people get for nothing – think bankers, football players

Never being in the right place at the right time … on so many levels

The unreliability of the weather

london snow


A list that could go on forever and mutate into things I really hate. A list of things that if combined in the correct or incorrect way can and does lead to a personal melt-down, moments of madness, a shout and a stamp of the foot before stalking off to sulk upstairs for a while – but only a short while I hope! (Images courtesy Google Images)


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