There is only Love

In the end Love is all that matters. Hopefully you were made in love and when you go you will be surrounded by those you love because you have loved.

In the meantime – go in Love and live a life worth living through love – yes feeling a bit soppy this blog, but really if there isn’t love what else is there?



Today is simple – Do only 3 things

Do the things you love

The things you really love, that make you happier and more able to face the world – sleep in, read a book all day, play in the garden, write your book, have a long lunch, eat chocolate and drink champagne


Spend time with the ones you love

Those ones who love you back unconditionally – show them you know and love them too. Have a coffee with your friends, chat for ages on the phone to your mother, walk your dog, watch your favourite box set with your best bloke. Yes, just simple things show the love.


Say I love you

Yes, actually say the words, but as F Scott Fitzgerald said ‘action is character’, so do things for them too – throw the ball for your woof, make dinner for your partner, let your teenage daughter spend all day in the bathroom. Hug them, and yes tell them. I love you – still three of the best words you’ll ever hear.



Remember the amount of love songs out there – Love is All Around and in the end, despite the winter that never ends, the job that sucks the joy from your very being, if you have love in your life, you are better than fine. Remember love and be loved. It’s enough -more than enough. (Images courtesy Private Collection)


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