Sick but not so Sad – 4 ways to feel better

As I type this sunny Saturday morning I am laid waste by another cold-flu infestation. I have a throat from hell, a head of porridge, a heaving chest, and very soon a red and sore nose. I have more of these afflictions this year than any other year in recent memory – indeed it is the endless winter germs of Narnia.

I am going to be ill for the weekend. No, dear reader, not because I choose to be, but because that is how it has been ordained. My delightful baby girl who passed this onto me –having acquired it from her elder sister – is regaling me with the manifold discomforts to come. So, I am readying for the disease storm and gathering my comforts around me.


Rules for being sick at home

1.Make yourself comfortable: set yourself up in a nice cosy place. This could be the lounge room, tucked in a corner, with blankets and cushions on the sofa, telly on, remote in hand. Or bed for the day, snuggled beneath the doona, room darkened, your sleeping mask close by, music softly playing somewhere, a dvd box set to snooze in and out of. Remember you need to be in a peaceful place and away from those you live with so you don’t infect them and you can just worry about getting better.

be comfy


2.Medical supplies: have what you need to ease your sufferings close at hand. A good box of tissues is crucial as the better quality is infinitely kinder on your nose than the cheaper stuff. It is worth the investment. Have your favourite throat lozenge: Strepsils reign at our house, just the ordinary Orange does. But any soother will do. Lemsip is handy as is a decent cough medicine. I also recommend having pain killers in reach, especially the ones that make you woozy, so you can snooze your way through your illness. Don’t forget a hot lemon and honey drink too – excellent for the throat and general well being. Perhaps a medicinal Brandy wouldn’t go astray, or a small glass of sherry or some other fortified wine, the sort that warms as it goes down.

cold & flu remedies


3.Indulge in simple comfort food– plus a few treats of course! Nice food helps you feel infinitely better. Comfort food is for when you need comforting and what better time for comfort than when you are ill! Eggs and toast, although not together are excellent comfort foods. Toast and vegemite is one of the most reassuring meals in the world for Australians at the best of times, so in the worst… A list of toast: toast and melted cheese (with vegemite, recommend it), toasted ham and cheese sandwiches, toast and jam, toast and beans, etc. Scrambled eggs are lovely, as are simple old boiled eggs. And don’t overlook the simple pleasure of soup; tin or packet, but it should be thick with things in it. You are allowed cakes too: sweet things make you sweet. Plus you are allowed a personal stash of chocolate to get you through, especially as chocolate is so excellent at soothing throats. And because you are ill you can eat whenever you want and not feel constrained by meal times.



4.Passive activities are recommended. You need to rest so holding a magazine to flick through or a book to idle away time is not too taxing. Nor is lying quietly watching the TV. But do not burden yourself with weighty matters, go for fluff, things you really enjoy – things that will make you feel better. So if you want to watch all of Black Books again, or Bergerac, then why not.

black books

Be nice to yourself. Hopefully your loved ones will be nice to you as well and make a cup of tea or coffee and bring you the papers to read. Be still, rest, don’t worry and soon you’ll be all better and back to your bouncy Tigger best.

tiiger bounce

Get well soon. (Images courtesy Google Images)



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