6 Songs for Endings – of all sorts

As I step away from various parts of my life I turn to the reliability of rock n roll to see me through. There is always a song for every occasion and so for this occasion – end of work, end of life, and the end of this part of life, listen on.


Gone, Gone, Gone – Robert Plant and Alison Krause. Perhaps the most appropriate of the it’s over songs for my current moment. Wonderfully simple lyrics, excellently catchy and up-beat. Gone, gone, gone, really gone… cause you done me wrong.

plant & krause


It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue – my version is the Graham Bonnet version from the 70s, but other versions will do, and of course the original Bob Dylan version is always worth a listen. The wailing guitar, the bounce, the cheerfulness in the relationship being over – you must leave now, take what you need… strike another match, go start a new

graham bonnet


I’m Free, The Who from their rock opera, Tommy. It’s the bit where Tommy breaks free from his darkness discovering he is the pinball wizard. Roger Daltry really yells “I’m Free” as an anthemic scream and it certainly takes you along with him. Punch your fist in the air and see how good it makes you feel. I’m free, I’m free, and freedom tastes of reality.



School’s Out, Alice Cooper. Yes, I know this is an anti Vietnam War song, but it still is the epitome of breaking free songs, shaking free from the oppression of all that being at school represents. Try this on for lyrics– School’s out for summer, school’s out forever, school’s been blown to pieces. Oh, yes, I remember being on the school bus the last day of high school and shouting this at the top of my voice with my school-mates and then again at the end of uni and now at the end of work. It’s a rather appropriate song for all students and teachers as school-life ends forever. School’s out with fever, school’s out completely.

alice cooper


Heaven (must be there), The Eurogliders. This was my escape from Queenstown song in 1984. Another boppy up beat tune about being free from the place and mess you’re in. Ooh I want to find a better place, Ooh, I’m tired of living in the sand… Heaven must be there, it’s just got to be there.



The Carnival Is Over, The Seekers. An oldie but an absolute gem of a goodbye song. If you want something sad, something to make you cry as you leave or say goodbye to someone this is the song. It is beautifully sad, utterly poignant. You cannot go past Judith Durham’s voice – though the carnival is over, I will love you ‘til I die. Try listening to that at a funeral and not crying.

the seekers

Which songs are for you? What song would you choose for your particular ending? Something sad and wistful, or something defiant and warrior-like, ushering the next phase of your life with emphasis on the positive aspects of endings and moving on? (Images from Google Images)


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