7 Simple Things That Make You Happy

Life is full of simple pleasures, little things that can make you happy. The trick is to see them, feel them and take them in. Stop and be in the moment, be happy, it is allowed and it is easy, once you get the knack.

sun in france

1. The sun in the morning and then all day

2. The dog lying at the bottom of the stairs, because you are upstairs and it’s as close as he is allowed to get – it’s called devotion

zanz outside

3. Having the house to yourself – even if it’s because your family are still in bed and you’re already up and going/doing

4. Having a plan come together – watching as your efforts flower and grow – your book, your garden, your new life

5. Your daughter(s) turning into a swan – beautiful in her heart and character and face (yes, all of your children turning out well – people you like as well as love)


6. Not having to spend time with people who deplete you – it is unbelievably up-lifting!

7. Watching Box Sets in bed with the one(s) you love – cups of tea, choccy snacks and Life on Mars, oh yeah!

flowers & sun

And flowers because flowers are always cheerful things. And your list is… (Images courtesy Private Collection)


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